How to install or update the theme
Administration method

1) Upload the theme

Go to WordPress -> Appearance -> Themes -> Add New

1 install theme

2) Upload form

On the theme adding page, click the button “Upload Theme”

2 upload form

3) Select the theme archive file downloaded from ThemeForest

First, you should download the theme from ThemeForest and save to your PC. After this, click the button “Choose File” and select the archive file on your PC.

3 select file

4) Start uploading and installing the theme

After you selected the archive file, click the button “Install Now” to start uploading.

4 start uploading

5) Installation is completed. Now, activate the theme

After the archive file has been uploaded and installed you can see this message. Now you can activate the theme. Click the link “Activate”. You will be redirected to the theme activation page.

5 new install

6) Updating the theme

If you install the theme for the first time, then you will not see this message.

Latest WordPress allows to update the theme very easy. After uploading the theme you will see this message. You have to replace the old theme with a new one. Click the button “Replace current with uploaded” to start replacing.

5 upgrade replace message

7) Begin installing the plugin

After the theme has been successfully installed you will this message suggesting to install the plugin. Click the link “Begin installing plugin”. You will be redirected to the plugin installation page.

7 install plugin

8) Install the plugin

Click the link “Install” to install the plugin.

8 install plugin

9) Plugin has been installed

After the plugin has been installed you will see this message.

9 install plugin complete

10) Activate the plugin

Now, click the link “Activate” to activate the plugin.

10 activate plugin

11) Install the data required for the theme

Good! You successfully installed the theme and plugin. Now, it is time to install the data required for the theme to function properly. After the installation has been completed you will see the message suggesting to install the data. Click the button “Start Installation!” to start installing.

11 install required data

12) Theme Installer is in process

Theme Installer can help and install all required data. If you followed the step in the image above then you will see this panel. You can get to this panel here: WordPress -> DateBook -> Theme Installer. Click the button “1. Install” to start installing the data. Wait until it ends.

12 install process

13) Install countries

After the data have been installed you will see the message “All the necessary data…”. Now, you can install countries. Click the button “2. Install”. You will be redirected to the Countries Installer page.

13 install countries

14) Countries Installer installs countries, regions, and cities

On the Countries Installer page, you can install all countries, regions, and cities. Click the button “Start” to start process.

14 install countries

15) Countries Installer is in process

Wait until Countries Installer finishes the process and all countries are installed.

15 install countries process

16) Countries have installed successfully

After all countries have been installed you will this message. But if some countries failed to install then you can install them again. Just reload this page and start the installation again. Click the button “Start” again.

16 install countries complete

17) Save the default settings. Theme Options.

Now, you should save the default settings of the theme. Go here: WordPress -> DateBook -> Dashboard. Click the button “Save”.

17 save default options

18) Save the default settings. Design Options.

Now, you should save the default settings of the design. Go here: WordPress -> DateBook -> Design and Style. Click the button “Save”.

18 save default design

19) Save the menus

Now, you should save the menus. Go here: WordPress -> Appearance -> Menus. Select menu “Primary” and add items to to it. Click the button “Save”. Do the same steps for other menus “Top Left”, “Top Right”, “Footer”.

19 save menu

20) Last step. Set a home page.

Now, last step, you should set a home page. Go here: WordPress -> Settings -> Reading. Select “Homepage” and click the button “Save Changes”.

20 set home page


Now your website is ready to go.

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